Navin Singh

Navin Singh

Jabra Rox Wireless Earbuds Review and Pairing Fix

Got the Jabra Rox Wireless headsets a couple of days ago, being my first bluetooth earbuds and not finding much about it other than the paid reviews, I figured why not write about my own experience with these. After reading a few reviews and seeing a few unboxing videos finally decided to go for them, the choice was limited to Jabra, Plantronics and JBL.

I wanted to get the Jaybird BlueBud X but sadly they are not available in India and shipping them off Amazon might have cost me another $50-$60 in shipping and handling. The JBL J46BT wireless earbud were another choice but read a few reviews saying it had battery issues and sound not up to the mark, I would have still gone for the JBL if I hadn't found the Jabra Rox. Another option was one from Plantronics but honestly I didn't really like designs of JBL and Plantronics, the Jabra rox stood out...I'll get to why in a minute.

Jabra Rox are my first bluetooth earbuds, so I didn't know what to expect in terms of sound, my initial search was based on the way earbuds were designed, and these dont disappoint in terms of that. The earbuds themselves are solid light weight aluminium, while the wires are built out of premium quality rubber and looks really premium. The length of the wires were perfect for me, it easily wrapped around my neck.

Getting the Right Fit:

The sound quality highly depends on the fit of these earbuds, if it fits you perfectly then they sound perfect, but if you have troubles in fit then sound might not be that great, its all about getting the right fit. Jabra give you 3 size options for ear-wings and 4 options for eargels(stock included) both made with premium quality material. Try and experiment with various sizes to get the fit right. The size that worked for me was :

Right :

  • Medium EarWings
  • Double layered ear tips

Left :

  • Small Earwings
  • Double layered ear tips

A word of advice do not try to listen to them unless you think you have perfect fit, they sound really bad if you dont have them on properly. Getting the fit right is the most important part. The EarWings help in supporting the earbuds while running or on the go, if the fit is good they won't fall off.

Sound Quality:

I am not an expert in this department but having used a few high-end earbuds and headphones, these do sound pretty good being "wireless bluetooth earbuds". I love bass and was a teeny bit disappointed with bass output from these, but they are not a deal breaker. Classical music, RnB, Pop, Country songs were great all round, perfect sound clearity and no problems whatsoever. On a scale of 10 I would rate them 8.

Call Quality:

To be honest I just made one call having these on, the voice from the other side was perfectly clear and hopefully my voice was clear as well because the caller didn't point out that my voice is breaking or something, and I was in a public place during the call with lots of traffic and people, so hopefully the background noice cancellation works as well.

Battery and Power saving:

Battery for me has lasted about 6.5 hours of continuous listening during my work hours and they do work as expected, but this might not be the case with everyone as there might be a lot of digital interference around, but somewhere in the median of 5-7 hours is what you can easily expect. The best part of these earbuds is magnetic snap to put the earbuds to sleep, the back of both earbuds have magnets that once snapped, put the earbuds to sleep and it wakes up soon as you detach them. The magnets also help in hanging the earbuds around the neck (like a necklace) when not being used this is really helpful all the times. If you get tired of listening just snap on the magnets, put it to sleep and let it be hanging around the neck.

Pairing with devices:

I paired it with and Android phone, the initial paring was easy as 1,2,3. I had some issues related to it as described below, but that was just me, may be my device was faulty or I am stupid.

I tried pairing with a few phones that had NFC and was working perfectly fine with those devices. So atleast NFC is not broken in mine

Problem in Pairing Jabra Rox:

  • I initially paired it with Huawei Honor 3C smartphone (worked perfectly)
  • Decided to connect it to other devices (that's when I ran into trouble)
  • iPad, Macbook Pro, Moto G couldn't connect also these devices couldn't even find the earbuds.
  • I read online that you have to disconnect from one device completely (like doing: forget this device in bluetooth settings) to connect it other device
  • So I did that on the Phone that it was working on, still, nothing worked and suddenly even the first phone couldn't find it.
  • So now I was stuck with a bluetooth device that was just flickering green led, and devices that are supposed to be having Bluetooth v4.0, I was disappointed.
  • Did a lot of research online, tried contacting Jabra support but no reply from the internet as well as the Jabra support.
  • By this time I figured that I might have to reset the Jabra Rox
  • I even tried going in to the linux shell (if it had one, don't know if it does) by connecting via USB (didn't work: the cable is just for charging)
  • So now I was all crazy and pressing buttons restarting it over and over again, I even factory restored my Android Device (nothing worked)
  • But then out of all the permutations and combinations of key presses and restarts, something stuck and I actually did it!

So to reset your Jabra Rox all you have to do is :

  • Turn on your Jabra Rox
  • Check if the led is flickering in green
  • Once Rox are on, hold the multifunction center key and the volume up (+) key both at the same time
  • Keep Holding it until the led turn from green > magenta > red
  • Once the lights are out your Rox are now turned off, if you see these color changes that means you have reseted your Jabra Rox.
  • Turn on the Jabra Rox again now you should see the blue led light flickering meaning that its searching for bluetooth device, check any of your devices and connect it.
  • Its highly likely that this issue was exclusive to me, but atleast now you know how to reset the Jabra Rox
  • Since this debacle I couldn't gather courage to disconnect from this phone and connect it with some other device. I will try it out on this weekend though.

Overall Experience:

It took away a lot of time figuring out that reset thingy, other than that its totally worth it.

  • Sounds Good
  • Looks Cool
  • Is Waterproof
  • Is Shockproof
  • Converts in to a cool neckband
  • Battery is great
  • Magnet snap for power saving is really helpful
  • Price Rs.7000 Or $120

I would rate them 8/10